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Apr 29, 2021

The race for Erie City Council: Democrat Nelson looks to make impact beyond ministry

A questionnaire offered to candidates about a number of issues by the Erie Times News 

Apr 4, 2021

Erie Times OpEd regarding Land Value Tax

Chuck Nelson provides a proven solution used throughout growing cities in Pennsylvania that would boost growth, heal blight and cut taxes for most residents. This is a practical solution that City Council can provide for many of the struggles Erie faces.

Sept 25, 2020

Your Erie
Newsmaker-Chuck Nelson

Chuck Nelson took action during the pandemic to give residents a safe outdoor music experience in the neighborhood. After a couple year hiatus of Porchfest (thanks to Tom for bringing the idea to Erie).

Big plans in store for this 2021 even on the last Saturday of September with a grant to extend it through the West Bayfront, thanks to Erie Arts and Culture 

Feb 21, 2020

TALK ERIE Debate Regarding the Community College

Chuck takes the time to discuss the benefits of the community college on Joel Natalie's program with Jon Whaley in opposition.

Aug 11, 2020

Arguing for development that fits the neighborhoods


While Erie is in great need of development and investment, the Mayor's "Activating the Vision" plan calls for single family homes. Blocks of the East and West Bayfront often have housing values dragged down by large apartment buildings managed by out of town landlords. While adding buildings to the tax rolls, in many cases it actually decreases the tax base! So in this article Chuck argues in defense of his neighbors for the city to hold its stated zoning standards rather than provide an exception for a LERTA Tax Abated property.

Apr 16, 2021

Your Erie Newsmaker -Chuck Nelson

As a board member of the Upper Room, Chuck Nelson lines up vaccines for those experiencing homelessness as a "pop up clinic". Rite Aid arrived at the Upper room and vaccinated many of the guests experiencing homelessness, staff, and volunteers to ensure a safe environment for some of our most vulnerable neighbors during the pandemic.

March 2, 2021

Your Erie
Local Election HQ-Chuck Nelson

Chuck Nelson announces his candidacy for Erie City Council at Perry Sq. He offers his passion for working alongside of the vulnerable and representing his neighborhood of the West Bayfont.

JAN 30, 2019

Meet and Greet: Say Hello to Erie's hardiest walkers


The previous week, I had attended the Cross, which ministers to downtown residents and people who are homeless. We sang hymns, read the Bible and listened to minister Chuck Nelson preach about the vine and the branches. Afterward, congregants were invited to a simple meal of chili dogs.

Nelson knows Cathy and the rest of the worshipers by name.

"If people were to spend time with the broken, they would see that brokenness is often started by things outside of the person's control. Any honest person, with some self-reflection, will probably realize that their accomplishments were more grace-filled than they credit," he says.

JAN 17, 2019

Erie Fights Blight

"Nelson and many of his youth volunteers have worked with neighborhood groups such as ServErie and Our West Bayfront on blight-related projects... 'The nonprofit and the public sectors are being mobilized to address these issues,” Nelson said, adding that his group plans to work with Our West Bayfront on a blight/demolition project later this year. “You can see it.'"

Sept 11,, 2019

Downtown's Moving Target

Post article, I actually got the guy an apartment next to me, but in the article it details his journey from prison to stability back to homelessness. This article is actually by another candidate.